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Zoot Sports Reveals Limited Edition Kona Ultra TT Shoe

by chantelle kelly

Bold and bright, Zoot Footwear has returned with a limited edition design, specially created with triathletes in mind.

Zoot Sports have teamed up with industry veteran and shoe guru, Danny Abshire, launching the Kona Ultra TT Shoe at Kona 2019. Co-founder of Newton Running Company and author of Natural Running, Abshire is a leading innovator in running footwear who is known worldwide for his running efficiency tips and videos.

“Partnering with Zoot to create this shoe has been an outstanding experience,” says Abshire. “Creating a shoe perfect for triathlon is no easy task, but the Ultra TT is really something special.”

Specifically designed with the triathlete in mind, the Ultra TT is fast and efficient with Tri specific features built into a responsive, lightweight package. Boasting Tri-Dry Drainage holes that allow water to escape, this shoe helps to reduce blisters as well as cut down excessive shoe weight caused by water retention. The innovative Tri Mechanics design allows for a quick turnover and highly responsive ride, helping you run faster off the bike.

The Ultra TT is built with a firm, responsive, foam formula that provides enhanced shock absorption for a stable, cushioned ride. The outsole uses a high rebound sticky rubber compound with a unique tread pattern, while the midfoot stabiliser protects and stabilises the foot for a more balanced run.

Zoot President, Shawn O’Shea, commented: “At Zoot we are passionate about developing the best performance gear for every part of the triathletes’ journey; shoes are an integral part of that experience. Working with Danny Abshire to weave his expertise in with the Zoot DNA has resulted in an innovative shoe designed around the triathlete.”

Available in both men and women’s styles, the Ultra TT shoe launched at Kona, home of the IRONMAN World Championships. A limited run is currently available for order online at the Zoot Sports website.

Words by Riana Dixon 

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