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Vulpine Classic Cycling Jeans – Gear Review

by jradmin

Vulpine Classic Cycling Jeans

One for the hipsters but, jokes about beards, tattoos and fixies aside, sometimes you want to ride your bike, maybe to the pub or the café, and lycra just isn’t appropriate. At first glance these jeans don’t appear to have any cycling specific features but I guess that’s sort of the point. The fit is perfect with sizing that offers good leg length, with thin waist but will still accommodate cyclist’s thighs. Once you throw your leg over the top-tube, you appreciate the diamond gusset and notice that you’re not sitting on a seam. The raised waistband allows you to lean forwards without exposing your underwear and the knees are cut to allow easy pedalling. Another cool touch is reflective print on the driveside turn-up. Okay, you’re not going to do a long ride in them but they’re no more expensive than regular jeans and no less “jeanie”.

If you ride a bike and wear jeans, why not buy a pair that are cycling friendly?

To buy, visit: https://www.vulpine.cc/products/vulpine-collections/denim

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