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SKS Rennkompressor Pump – Gear Review

by jradmin

SKS Rennkompressor Pump

A truly iconic piece of cycling kit, the Rennkompressor has a 50-year heritage and I’ve got mates who have ones that are still going strong after 25 years. From its reassuring heft to its tactile wooden handle, it oozes quality and durability. Also, if a part does wear out, SKS offer a full range of spares. In use, the multi-head chuck engages positively and seals well  up to high pressures. The action feels smooth and hitting 80PSI with 25mm tyres took 34 strokes. The narrow footprint and foldable feet are a plus for transportation but, when pumping, it can feel a bit wobbly. Also, if I’m being picky, the dial is a bit small and, being sighted on the pump’s base, quite a distance from my middle aged eyes. Also, with only four divisions to the lowest 40PSI marking on the gauge, it’s not a pump for MTB’ers but, having personally taken track tubs to 220PSI with it, for road and track, it’s more than capable.

If you’re a roadie or a trackie, this iconic pump still has a lot going for it.

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