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Rab Kinetic Alpine Jacket – Gear Review

by jradmin

Rab Kinetic Alpine Jacket

Rab’s Kinetic Alpine is a bit different from anything else here: it’s a stretchy, lightweight softshell-like jacket that’s also completely waterproof. You can argue about whether it’s actually a softshell at all, but the bottom line is that it feels magically soft, stretchy and unrestrictive and, in exchange for a small decrease in breathability, it offers full waterproof protection without the intrusive crackly feel of a conventional waterproof fabric. It’s a brilliant all-day wear on days when rain and sunshine alternate, though it wouldn’t be our choice for all-day heavy deluges. Breathability is very good for a fully waterproof fabric and the cut and design are well developed as you’d expect from Rab. The Alpine has a helmet hood, but for walking use, there’s also the standard Kinetic with a neater, smaller hood. Bottom line: nicer to wear than conventional waterproofs but more weather protection than most softshells.

A waterproof jacket that thinks it’s a softshell until things get properly wet and gnarly.

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