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Introducing CUBE Aerium TT C:68

by chantelle kelly

Belgian Pro Continental team Wanty-Groupe Gobert has once again secured a wildcard spot for the biggest race of 2018, the Tour de France. Building on last year’s promising debut performance, the riders will once more battle it out with the big GC contenders over 21 stages. In 2017, young Frenchman Guillaume Martin took a hard-fought third in the Youth Classification and finished his inaugural Tour in an encouraging 23rd position in the GC. Based on feedback from regular use by the team on the racing circuit combined with our expertise in bike-building, we have created a bike that flawlessly unites maximum aero performance with outstanding handling. And what better stage in the sport of cycling than the Tour de France to showcase the new CUBE time trial bike as used by the Wanty-Groupe Gobert team?

At first glance, the AERIUM TT C:68 could be the twin sibling of the AERIUM C:68. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes apparent that every last component has been designed from scratch to comply with the UCI’s rules governing time trial bikes. We resculpted the frame little by little using countless 2D and 3D iterations. Thanks to the UCI’s decision to end the 3:1 rule on aero profiles for frames and forks, we had wiggle room to come up with even more efficient tubing profiles. The AERIUM TT C:68 is thus one of the first bikes ever to be developed on this basis. The Twin Head Tube used on the AERIUM C:68 is a key element of the new AERIUM TT C:68’s overall aerodynamic design. At smaller yaw angles, it acts like a long aero profile to reduce drag. As the yaw angle increases, the air flow over the head tube is optimised to both reduce sensitivity to crosswinds and significantly improve the ‘sail effect’. In a nutshell, this innovative design delivers maximum aero performance coupled with outstanding handling. Countless tests in the wind tunnel have confirmed this.

When it came to stopping power, we opted to go down a completely new route as the UCI regulations just didn’t leave us the space we needed to construct the perfect rim brake. Determined to keep maximum braking power and minimum wind resistance our top priority, we were able to redesign the area around the head tube and fork to make it much more streamlined. The brake calliper is integrated into the fork and the outstanding stopping power of the disc brakes not only helps the rider to hold their aero position but also to brake later and with added safety in all conditions. When our team riders asked for maximum frame stiffness, we applied our expertise and high-end C:68 carbon fibre to deliver. The new model can also be adapted to find the perfect fit for all riders thanks to the tried-and-tested fitting concept taken from the AERIUM C:68. The result? The fast and stiff AERIUM TT C:68 efficiently converts every last watt into forward motion.

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