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CANYONING with Vibram V-Aqua FiveFingers

by chantelle kelly


Canyoning is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the UK. People of all abilities can find themselves rock climbing up the steep ascents or scrambling up the gentler inclines of watery canyons, before abseiling, sliding or jumping down into the watery pools below. An exhilarating experience for all outdoor enthusiasts, followed by a gentle swim through some beautiful sheer sided gorges.

Good equipment is essential for the safety and enjoyment of all participants and the new V-Aqua shoe from Vibram FiveFingers provides the ideal footwear. As the name suggests it has been specifically designed for water sports with the super grippy Megagrip rubber soles providing strong traction even on wet slimy rocks, making V-Aqua ideal for canyoning.

The V-Aqua shoe also has a special double Velcro fastener and an, inside the shoe, grip system to ensure that they stay firmly on your feet even as they contract in the wet and cold. In addition, the special drainage valve system in the soles allows the water to escape as soon as you move on dry land – providing comfort without having to change your shoes!

Already popular with the Swim-Run participants, paddle boarders and kayakers, the V-Aqua is also ideal for the new wave of canyoners.

For more information or to purchase a pair of Vibram V-Aqua FiveFingers, head to www.vibrams.co.uk

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