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Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump – Gear Review

by jradmin

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump

My wife always dreaded me setting up tubeless tyres as it’d usually result in large amounts of swearing, sealant splattered over the floor, walls and ceiling and then me storming off to the bike shop to use their compressor. Fortunately, since getting this pump and by following the Tubeless Tips you can find at the end of this review, tyre changes are now painless. You simply push the red lever down, charge up the pressurisable chamber, flip the lever and a blast of air seats even the most stubborn tubeless tyres. In a regular pump role, it took 45 strokes to hit 80PSI with 25mm tyres and the action is silky smooth. For MTB’ers, although top mounted, the low end of the gauge lacks detail and you’d probably need a dedicated pump for subtle tyre pressure tweaks. It’s a well made but bulky bit of kit and you probably wouldn’t want to travel with it but this pump is primarily for setting up tubeless and, for that, it’s brilliant.

You’ll probably need a complimentary second pump but, if you ride tubeless, find space in your shed.

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