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BBB DualPressure Pump – Gear Review

by jradmin

BBB DualPressure Pump

One for mountain bikers, as its name suggests, the BBB DualPressure Pump is effectively two pumps in one. With the flick of a switch, it has a high volume function for inflating tyres or high pressure for tweaking shock and suspension fork settings. So, considering that you’re saving having to have both a mini-pump and a shock pump in your rucksack, its 206g weight isn’t bad, especially when you factor in that it has a pressure gauge too. Also, on a couple of shorter rides when I haven’t bothered with a rucksack, gauge end down it sits quite happily in a jersey pocket. As a mini-pump, the swivel hose and screw on chuck  facilitate a secure seal and mean you won’t damage the valve during vigorous pumping. Taking a 2.1” tyre to 35psi took 220 strokes, on a par with most mini-pumps. For suspension tuning, you simply remove the presta valve head, unless you’re running Schrader, flick the switch and you’re away and a bleeder valve is a really useful feature for fine tuning.

A great pump for MTB’ers that does both of its jobs really well.

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